Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughts of guacamole and corn chips...

Traveling around South America has definitely given us the opportunity to embrace the local foods, usually so often that we can't wait to have a taste of something else. Today we ran to the local taco bar, La Fabrica de Taco, beaming with thoughts of guacamole and corn chips and hopes of margaritas (although we found none, but we did find beer).

The twirling meat spit, like that of a gyro, added to the fifties-esq sidewalk taco bar ambiance. The kitchen opened to a window where customers could watch the cook slice, dice and throw tacos together. Jars of juices lined the side of the counter; accurately (and amusingly) named sauces were neatly placed along the edge.

We sat down at the bar on the opposite side of the sidewalk. Once we struggled through the fancy Spanish words, we discovered tasty and not badly priced tacos-- in Buenos Aires.

At first, I ordered the Volcan, a flat fried tortilla with roasted beef, cheese and guacamole, while Paul ordered the Carne Asada Granitado, a basic roasted beef and cheese soft taco, with two Imperial beers. Delcious they were, but only left us grumbling for at least three more each. Minding our manners, we ordered only two simple Carne Asado tacos.

The bill all and all wasn't bad at $53 Argentine pesos with tip; about $14 USD for the both of us.

If you ever find yourself starved of variety and in Palermo, pull up a stool at La Fabrica; you won't be disappointed.

La Fabrica de Taco (The Taco Factory)
Gorriti 5062 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  1. hello there paul, excellent blog.... bit like my life on a blog.... i drank everything in south america when i was there.... i will search out some beers for you... im gonna stick you on my blog..... nice one cheers Rich.

    Have a beer on me.