Thursday, May 7, 2009


For two weeks, the Wayward Winos ha
d spent their time wandering around the South American region of Patagonia: bobbing in and out of hostels and trudging along wet and chilly trails. For the most part, the towns they've visited have been more than amazing; the places they've stayed and the sites they've seen have been worth the price they've payed to experience that places they've passed through. What the Wayward Wino's have seen in Patagonia has been nothing short of amazing. It was read by them that Darwin described it as "wretched and useless," and this is more than understandable when taking a frustratingly long bus ride through plains. Otherwise, Patagonia has a tremendous amount of amazement to offer. Darwin wasn't able to visit the people that reside there now, especially in the towns like Bariloche (and especially at the La Barraca Hostel). And he certainly must have missed out on the culture of the gaucho, that once was the idea of Patagonia. Even though mountains and extensive, desolate places of land make the visual aspect of Patagonia, the people along the way make what is important of the area: a true smooth feeling of the grass around. From the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafaté, Argentina to the Tierre del Fuego National Park in Usuaia, Argentina, Patagonia really is more than you can imagine for an other-worldly experience. And although the price for most of the places are on the high side of our budget, these sights are worth the extra pennies; just spend your time wisely.

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