Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The End.

Ushuaia, Argentina is indeed a fascinating city. Swiss or Swedish in feel, due mostly to the strange architecture and the high, snow covered mountains in the background, the city is quite alien. The uniqueness of being at the bottom of the world, Antarctica being a small distance away, allows the city become what most Patagonian towns are: an overpriced tourist hub.

With this being said, like most Patagonian towns, it is more than necessary to visit Ushuaia because of the utter beauty that surrounds it. Even the views from the city streets can leave you speechless and the Tierre del Fuego National Park will certainly leave you breathless. It is hard to express what is found in this remote part of Patagonia. The scenery and landscape of a simple three hour hike around a lake was stunning, as soft green patches lined the beaches as well as odd shale rocks crumble beneath our feet to make more black sand.

Although Ushuaia, as a city, is little more than an overgrown tourist information center, the parks and scenery make the stay bearable, just as long as you have some sort of knack in the kitchen. Remember, where there are tourists, there will be high prices but cooking, with or without a vat of sangria, can make you friends and incredible memories.

Hostel: Patagonia Pais
Cost: $30 ARG per person, about $8 USD
Includes: Shared bathroom, WiFi, coffee & tea for breakfast, clean large kitchen, tour info

Travel tips:

FLY!!! This time around (in the off season) it was actually cheaper to fly than to take a bus-- $140 USD for 3.5 hours vs. $160 for just shy of 3 long DAYS.

Plan to do your own cooking or at least throwing sandwiches together on your own. There is only one price range-- expensive. Even the "greasy spoon" type places are comparably pricey.

Beware: on the 7th day, Ushuaia rests! Plan your meals or any errands for Monday through Saturday; nothing is open Sunday.

Try Beagle cerveza! It's a delicious local brew.

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