Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Update: Cuba Could Reopen Borders

Last week, CNN reported that a bill is in the works that would allow US citizens to travel freely to the Island Nation of Cuba. Already Obama plans to allow remmitance for Cuban families into their old home, as reported by Reuters.

From the CNN article:

"When something doesn't work for 50 years, 47 years, clear-headed thinking has to say,
'You know what, it's time to change it,'" he said [Sen(D) Byron Dorgan]

If to go through, Americans could finally visit the land of Salsa, reggaeton, and Ropa Viaje; visit the country with most sought after cigars and beautiful beaches.

I've never been (for obvious reasons), but I would love to make the trip, visit the famous Havana beaches, have some creole food, and even try my hand at some mandatory dancing. Maybe on our way out of South America, so hurry up Obama, and let us in.

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