Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Lost Photos of Santiago...

Although Chile is not so long gone and we have been in Argentina for a total of eight hours....We did miss a few beautiful highlights of Santiago. This city took me by surpise not only for the amazingly cheap street meats and tasty egg rolls, but for its modernity and awesome hospitality. Within five minutes of sitting at a dive bar table, crappy Spanish and all, we we´re invited to a table for ¨piscolas¨ (a mixture of the famous Pisco and Coke) and lengthy conversation. Too bad we didn´t get photos of that....

Santiago, Chile. Photo by: Melanie McLean

Easter mass at the Cathedral. Look Ma´, we went to church... Santiago, Chile. Photo by: Melanie McLean

Sancutary of the Virgin Mary overlooking the city...about a hour hike up from Barr¡o Bellavista. Photo by: Melanie McLean

The chapel at the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary. Photo by: Melanie McLean

Paul enjoys (sorta) the mote con huesillos, a super Chillean street treat of sweet tea with dried peaches and corn bits. Photo by: Melanie McLean

An imporant looking building downtown....Photo by: Paul Cox

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