Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bariloche: more than a hike

As you've probably noticed, we've been in a different pueblo or city almost every other day. All this buzzing about became quite grueling and was affecting the Wayward Wino chi. Once we arrived in Bariloche, the city lined by lakes and full of chocolate, we we decided this would be the perfect city in which to take a breather and realign.

Although we did two (somewhat lame day-hikes), one in Parque Llao Llao and the other to Cerro Catedral, we found the most interesting aspect indoors; in our hostel. Bernardo and Estefania, the inn keepers, delighted us with a mate lesson (check out the last post) and the Argentine way of folding empanadas. "It makes more sense, so that the meat doesn't come out," she said. And that it did, Estefania's work baked their way to much prettier final emapandas than mine.

Sometimes the best part of traveling is to slow down and live a bit like the locals. And in the case of Bariloche, live life sloooowly. Enjoy. Take another sip of mate and just nibble on an empanada. There's time...just keep nibbling.

A whole six days later we sadly parted ways...

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  1. That's an awesome production job with an Excellent music selection. I can only imagine what you would do with a larger budget. Be safe and stay healthy!

    Matt W