Monday, March 16, 2009

Colca Valley Photo Update

Since we´ve had limited internet access in the past week, you´ve missed some amazing sites from the Colca Valley. Enjoy...we did!

Starting in the top left corner: A local shepard in Chivay, Peru. A lady with her pet llama walk in front of the commercial center of Chivay. This mud hut shop, located at the basin of the Colca Canyon, served everything from Snickers to beer (of course not cold, since this community was without electricity). This little girl wth her baby llama boarded the bus with her parents in the middle of the drive to Chivay. The road to the hot springs just outside of Chivay was a beautiful hike. A street scene from Chivay. And ¡n the center, a local street artist sells her wears.

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