Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday's discoveries

Well, amongst many discoveries of the day, such as an opportunity as a voice-over and the Spanish word for "swollen ankle", my wayward partner and I stumbled upon some unsuspecting delights!

We were quite hungry after a lengthy walk to two language schools in Miraflores, so we strolled along Paseo del Prado (a main avenue) towards the Pacific in search of cheap eats. Paul some how had a striking notion to turn down Jr. F. Recavarren and with immediate success we were eating a delicious, cheap meal. Although there was a pre-fixed meal outlined on the board with five options for each course, in reality there were two main plate options, pescado (fish) and lomo saltado (beef) with soup to start.

The soup was a simple yet tasty Irish-like dish. It was pork broth with cabbage, potato and rice. Next was the lomo which was sautéed with tomatoes, onions and peppers, served with fried potatoes. Paul had the fried fish which was topped with a light salsa de tomate. Of course both plates were served with a hearty helping of rice, as we are coming to realize is the norm. Finally, we rounded out the meal with a local fruit called "tuna," which seemed to be a version of a prickly pear. Yes, the bear necessity sort...

The most important part...how much was all of this!?
2 delicious three course meals with 2 cokes = s/15 or $4.68

Jr.F.Recararnen 144 - Miraflores, Lima

Since Mauricio's didn't serve beer, we wandered over to Calle Berlin for a nice cold Pilsen Callao.
After the waiter quickly realized Spanish was not my first language, we found he was in fact a co-owner (and American) of the little European-esq cafe. Its an adorable little corner bistro with outdoor seating, sandwiches, coffee, and beer.

Solandino (open 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.) Ca. Berlin 413 - Miraflores, Lima

Next, being self proclaimed "wayward winos," we just had to stop for a glass of wine (una copa de vino) at La Esquina wine bar at the end of Calle Berlin. It looks like a traditional Spanish tavern with a diverse menu of Spanish and Italian cuisines. Although there were no Peruvian wines to be had, we tried a two delights, both from Chile: Valdivieso sauvignon blanc (2007) and the Vina Morande reserva camernere (2005). The white was very light, almost too light, but the camernere was rich with an oak finish. Finally, The smells from the kitchen were amazing, so we'll have to make a trip back for some eats...La Esquina's review is to be continued.

La Esquina Wine Bar Calle Berlin 920 - Miraflores, Lima

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