Thursday, February 19, 2009

La Foto del Dia: el primera

Since we are in this lovely country of Peru, we are obviously taking photos all the time and we thought perhaps photos say more sometimes...and they are just way cooler than words (in my opinion). So, from now on, we'll have a foto del dia, cada dia (everyday) for you...

Foto del Dia: Feb. 19

The dogs even give us strange looks when we stroll through the streets. Meanwhile, the children in the back say to me, "Senora, that dog is mine." I respond with a smile and an "ok." The response from one of the 8-year-olds was, "Senora, F*$@ you!" I guess we made quite an impression...


  1. thats not what i meant when i said i wanted to see some pics of the wildlife. And you dont need to go all the way to Peru to get cursed at by 8 years, it happens to me all the time on XboxLive.

  2. Dogs cursing at you via Xbox Live, now that's an achievement!

    Mel you stole their dog's soul, then you didn't give them any money for it. Next time politely say, "¡Fallo de funcionamiento apagado, niño! ¡Hay un diablo en mi cámara!"