Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chicha Morda: a secreto Peruana revealed

So Peru is quite famous for their gastronomic exports of civiche and pisco, but the Chicha Morada is still within borders. This delicious deep purple juice can serve several purposes: a. a refreshing chilled beverage on sweltering summer day of b. a savior from drinking the tap water when at a restaurant in Peru. Whatever your reasons may be, give it a whirl...its delicious!


1 kilo of purple corn
2 cups of pineapple skin
2 cups of apple

2 cinnamon sticks
tablespoon of cloves
sugar and lime to taste


Cut the corn off the cob, cover with twice as much water. Add the pineapple skin, apple, cinnamon sticks and the cloves. Let the mixture boil for about an hour or until the corn is cooked. Remove the pineapple skin from the mixture. Then, drain the rest of the mixture through a strainer. Chop the remainder of the pineapple, mix with the smooth liquid and chill. Serve very cold.

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  1. Yea I'll just go pick up some purple corn and pineapple skin, from the occult bookstore. I was gonna get some eye of newt and the heart of an orphan for those Bloody Marys I'm trying to perfect.