Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Brilliant Peruvian Lunch

In terms of food in Peru, the menu is flooded with fish, meats, and 100 types of potatoes. On
most days you are greeted by very rich flavors, tons of hot peppers and plenty of sauces for dipping. However, once and while you get a version of traditional Peruvian cuisine that is simply stands out. An example of this is lunch at Segundo Muelle in downtown Miraflores.

As the self-proclaimed origin of ceviche (from the Quecha word "siwichi"), Peru has much to offer and Segundo Muelle carries its weight in presenting a good face for this raw fish dish.

A plate of three types of ceviche as well as an order of "Choritos a la Chalaca", a delicious variation on mussels served with large white corn, onion, and hot pepper in the shell, started our delicious meal.

Soon after, Melanie and I were served a traditional Peruvian pasta called"Pasta a la HuancaĆ­na" topped with a small filet mignon and shrimp. The HuancaĆ­na (wan-kay-eena) sauce, originally from the Andean region of Peru, is made primarily of cheese and hot peppers and is typically served over potatoes. However today it was used over a perfectly cooked plate of pasta. The sauce has a simlar texture to a cream sauce, but the with the flavors of Andes Mountains. When combined with the shrimp and steak, its a plate that is hard to forget.

After all was said and done, Segundo Muelle was a meal that stood out in the sea of fresh fish and anticuchos here in Lima, Peru. With all of the amazing choices for food, this is one to definitely make a point to try.

Cost for Meal: appox $40 USD for 2 persons (appetizers, a plate and beer).

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  1. $40 USD thats big pimpin under the equator. You best watch your budget!