Thursday, January 22, 2009

Step 1: Inoculations

On Wednesday, Melanie and I received our inoculations for our
quickly approaching move to Peru. On the menu for us where
Typhoid (recommended by the CDC for all travelers), and a prescription for malaria pills (Doxy Cycline) that we haven't yet started to consume. I also had a side of Hepatitis A, for good measure, although the vaccine isn't complete until I receive the second booster in 6 months.

The typhoid shot was the worst, due to its side effects. Initially, it was the most painful to receive as it hurt a whole bunch. Also, the immediate area to the entry point (my left shoulder) of the needle hurt for about 2 days. Lifting our left arms was a chore and any contact with the shoulder sent us reeling with pain. My Hepatitis A shot wasn't as bad. It was a bit sore, but nothing like the Typhoid. Besides that, no other side effects were apparent, except possible unwelcome bowel movements that both Mel and I had, but that could (and mostly was) due to my cooking the night before. I shouldn't be allowed behind a stove.

Until next time... Viva Peru!!!

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