Monday, February 2, 2009

Recap on Living Stateside

While on the brink of becoming an expat and moving to Peru, I began thinking about places I have lived so far in the United States.

Sadly, I cannot say I have left the East Coast (and barely New Jersey), but I have happily been able to at least experience a few, different towns. Below are my top 3 places I've lived in New Jersey:

3. New Brunswick, NJ: This was the home of my Alma Mater- Rutgers. And like every good Rutgers-ite, I had a chance to live of campus in the dirty houses lining the dirty streets. I could go on and on about my experiences there in New Brunswick, but I suppose that's for another time and another place. As for the town, it served its purpose as college town. I never needed a car since I was going from class to home. I was even employed at a local restaurant called Old Man Rafferty's. Everything was at arms reach including the NJ transit to New York or home or wherever else I needed to go just as long as I was willing to deal with the time spent on the train.

2. Jersey City, NJ: Just leaving this place a few days ago, I feel it was a very good experience. The conveince of New Brunswick with better bars and friendlier people. Not to mention the infamous Lucky 7's (BEST WINGS IN TOWN!!!) located on 2nd and Coles (shameless plug for Rocker Tycoon). A 15 minute path ride to New York City or Newark Airport, Jersey City does a superb job as New Yorks sixth bourough.

1. Sea Bright NJ: First, see picture above. This was one of the finest examples of Sea Bright's brilliant Jersey shore atmosphere. The picture was taken at Donovan's Reef- a Sea Bright landmark bar located right on the Beach. The entire town of Sea Bright is nestled between Sandy Hook to north, Monmouth Beach to the south, and prestigious Rumson and Red Bank to the west. It is lost to the evil BENNY's of North Jersey during the summer, and maintains it's fun beach aura during the winter. This definitly was the definitive Jersey experience, especially when it can be said that the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, calls these parts his stomping grounds.

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