Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Memorable "Bon Voyage" -- Top 6 requirements

When friends are leaving town for an undetermined amount of time, heading toward an impoverished destiny, in a country with internet only in main areas sometimes-- OMG-- and all by CHOICE, a dear friend may want to quiver in fear for their lives and their insane choices. Or a true friend (or group of friends) can take the llama by the reigns and throw the most meaningful, memorable "Bon Voyage" party ever. Here are a few must haves if you're that friend that chooses plan B:

Make it a surprise. Make it so covert that even your accomplices are surprised. To make this happen, pack the party animals in your bedroom (or a room farthest from the entrance) and offer a tour to one of those you came with. The guest of honor will inevitably be thrown for a loop if he/she had been suspect with the three weeks notice for dinner plans. Since when do friends plan?!

Get the surprise-ees leis' & a skipper hat. It makes the whole thing feel more authentic, like they are actually going somewhere new and fun and reminds the soon-to-be intoxicated guests who is who.

Bring on the drinking games! Even though they may not be as exciting and new as they once were, they certainly provide purposeful and focused binge drinking.

Play Irish music. What better way to send friends off to a foreign land than with a bit of international music. No one can stand around while a fiddle is screaming at them....Combine with drinking games and things could get a bit rowdy.

Once the Irish music fails, SOUL TRAIN! Bring it on back to the states, early 90s. Hell, it can even start at 4 in the morning when most of the lame party goers are trying to sleep. The will adopt the "if you can't beat em, join em" attitude and before your know it...partying like its 1999.

Ensure someone becomes pant-LESS at some point in the night. It can be during the big "surprise" (i.e. "the batwing") or a good pantsing during your binge drinking tournament. You can even play strip beer pong. Everyone will surely leave happy with a good ole' flash or three....

Viva PERU!

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  1. you forgot make sure your friends invite your friends